Oh Man! The weather is nice, the band has been learning a bunch of new songs, and we’re itching to play! We’ve got upcoming shows at Amigos, The Star Lounge, Margarita Villa and Strey Cellars. And those are just the ones we’re allowed to talk about! We’re ending a three week break, following a six weekend run. The new songs are dance-floor ringers! Guys – We’ve even got a new ballad, for all you wall huggers. Yet another opportunity for you and your girl to cut a rug…slow and close.
Mick has been honing his live rig and his off stage moves, so the revelry is about to get “amped up”, both literally and figuratively.
Live music is alive and well in Ventura, as best I can tell. Get out there and support your local acts and venues. We know that several of your Saturday nights are already spoken for (*wink), but if you need to know where to go, just head over to Ventura Rocks. It’s THE go to site for all things music, in Ventura.
So sure, it’s not quite Summer, but we’re gettin’ really damn close. Close enough, for my money. Come join us as often as you can. Tell a friend. Show up thirsty and ready to dance!
We’ll see you next time, when…
One thing’s for certain:

Cheers, Baby!