Baby oh baby!!! The boys and I are super exciter to be playing Amigo’s on Saturday Night, July 15! In addition to some really nice menu selections (they can even accommodate vegans!), they’ve got Doc behind the bar, an incredibly friendly staff, and a nice big dance floor!!
Come join the DANCE PARTY!!!
We play HUGE HITS of the ’60s, ’70 and ’80s! No deep cuts here, baby! You know EVERY SONG! You know all the words!! Sometimes the audience sings along so loudly that we can’t hear ourselves!!!
Bear witness as Brian commits second degree battery on his drums.
Try not to be transfixed by Mick’s dance-floor gyrations, known to be illegal in at least seven states.
Take note as yours truly covers his guitar in blood, sweat and tears, all the while chewing gum and tsp dancing with his pedal board of wonders.
We play the longest set of any band you’ve ever seen. (Yes! Even “him”).
One thing’s for certain: